Ishack Wilmot

when the smoke clears


deip day

gentle kiss


Photography has always been a part of my life. I guess I can attribute that to my grandfather and father, who both have a passion for the art forms of photography and telling great stories. In my years growing up, I always had a simple camera with me as I toured the world surfing, went to culinary college, played keyboard with my brothers and helped to start Jamnesia Sessions. For the past three years, I have focused more on that little camera in my hand. Now it’s not a point-and-shoot, it’s a professional Canon. From taking the shot, editing the shot and getting to see the reactions of clients, being a part of the photography community, the whole process is very fulfilling. My love for photography is real, and so is my joy for life. It’s been a pleasure to share that with others.


Instagram: @oneishackwilmot
Facebook: @Ishack Wilmot Photography
Pinterest: @ISAWphoto
Flickr: – Ishack Wilmot



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