Naomi Johnson



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I had always known from when I was a young child that I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to create intricate images of all that was around me and all that was within me. My grandmothers and parents were all either painters, art teachers, a graphic artist or have just always been very visually creative. It’s as if it is in my blood to go on the same path, it never needed saying that I would be doing what I am doing now and enjoying it.

As an artist I rebel against limiting myself to one medium, one general theme(s) or one style. I seek to draw what inspires me, what I find needs more attention and my beliefs of the world and spirituality. Since studying at The Edna Manley College I’ve developed an interested in creating works that speak a message, that makes people aware of issues, situations or beliefs; pieces that can challenge someone’s mind and make them question what they know. I have focused on sexuality, gender identity, spirituality, afropunk, the human body, pyschology, surrealism and abstract art. I am inspired by colour and so all of my pieces have turned out to be quite vibrant and multicoloured. In my pieces I have used watercolours, acrylic paints, pen, pencil and chalk pastel. Different mediums allow me to express my ideas more clearly.


Naomi Johnson Artwork:
Facebook: @naomi.johnson.9275
Instagram: @naomitj




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