Jeana Lindo






I am an American multimedia artist of Chinese-Jamaican heritage. I am a painter and political activist. My work centers around gender and racial politics. I make art to foster empathy, to advocate for the humanity of the oppressed, to give voice to those whose voice is taken away from them.
As a female photographer I am conscious of the gaze of the person behind the camera and I am passionate about returning power to women. I collaborate with the people I photograph in order to give them control of their image. While there is a serious motivation behind my work and something very deliberate about what I do, the process and the art are all about capturing raw emotion, especially elation.
As a painter at heart, I obsess over color and motion. What I create is often visceral. Watercolor paints communicate best with my soul. They’re so soft and unpredictable. No watercolor experience can ever be duplicated. My favorite way of taking photographs is through the lens of a film camera because there is something magical about analog photography. The act of exposing the film to light and causing a chemical reaction creates a tangible record of a moment where the light was actually captured. The essence of the scene witnessed by the lens rest on the film and changes it forever.


Facebook: @JeanaLindoPhoto
Instagram: @jeanalindophoto

Youtube: @SkylarkinProductions




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