Khristina Godfrey “WizziDread”

IMG_2460_2IMG_8144_matteIMG_8599peace concert, 2015, 5ft by 8ft 6inch, print on canvas copy


Khristina Godfrey, who also carries the name ‘WizziDread’ was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Godfrey, recently graduated from Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performing Arts where she completed a degree program in Fine Arts – Painting class of 2015. She has assisted with curating and exhibited in the Edna Manley Student Exhibition in ‘Be Uncaged’ 2014, and two staging of the new painting exhibition ‘Ra Yard Exhibition’ 2014 and 2015 respectively. In 2013, she has exhibited in the JCDC Jamaica Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition, where she won bronze for ‘Adegoke: The crown has been exalted’. This also gave Godfrey the opportunity to exhibit in the JCDC Travelling exhibition following the competition. She also broadened her knowledge and experience and completed her internship at the National Gallery of Jamaica in 2014. This experience gave her a wealth of information about the history of Jamaican art and curating in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Godfrey uses a very interdisciplinary and experimental approach using photography, painting and printmaking to create works ranging from socio-political documentary to works that dabble in the realms of fashion.


Instagram: @wizzidread


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