I am drawn to those things that are often seen as indigenous, and my art is enlivened by elements which depict those naturally occurring objects, or objects often deemed to be exotic, un-naturalised, or ‘other’. Ranging anywhere from illustrative mimics of photographic closeups, to imagined landscapes both literal and abstract, I enjoy most the spontaneity involved in the method of producing my artworks.

By piecing together remnants of human existence evidenced by cultural symbols, the occasional use of recycled/recyclable materials, and an organic fragment or two – I seek to encourage environmental introspection using my art. I often employ many textures and vibrant colours and contrasts in my paintings, and I enjoy the artistry of that art-form. However, I long to gain more experience in producing three-dimensional works as that is where my main interest lies; an interest perhaps apparent in the sporadic and occasionally voluminous characteristics of some of my two-dimensional works.

Principally, I take factual information and I mesh it with abstract ideas in the hope that conscientious thought about the content of my work might be effected. Effected in a way that incites pan-Africanism and encourages environmental pro-activity.

Instagram: @demski.w
Google+: DemiWalker


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