Athena's OculusOblivion 4ReverberationsThe Power of the God Feather Will bring Peace


Exploration has always been a constant in my life, and an integral part of my art and artistic processes. I create in an attempt to capture and deconstruct the common feelings and emotions of everyday life, so that I can examine their inner workings.

At its core, my work attempts to capture the feelings and emotions I experience and translate them, into the surreal spaces that we all inhabit within ourselves. The goal is to explore feelings and emotions, on murky cerebral levels and construct the tumultuous and beautiful inner world that reside within all of us.

I call this inner world, the Silent Echo and my exhibitions have been about exploring this rich and textured place. A variety of mediums such as pen and ink, water colour and most recently glass have been employed. Each exhibition is a chapter of the journey deconstructed.


Instagram: @djsinista1
Facebook: @IncrementingThoughts



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