Cropped Photo

My artwork is deeply influenced by my passion for theater, writing and poetry. This is strongly seen displayed throughout my fashion and fine art photography. My imagination is inspired by everything around me, as I push to create a different story each time with any object or person I may come in contact with. I treat my art like different short stories, as each individual art piece tells its own distinctive message. I am my own Creative Director, as I also pose, direct, and style the subjects of my images, hence, I will create a moment rather than capture one. I constantly stand to push the boundaries of how photography is sold and valued, hence, my original pieces are turned into mixed media, that is, my photography printed on canvas embellished with acrylic paints, pens, markers and other materials. Ultimately, I stand strong in my poetic grounds as a growing artist, as I will always push forward deep intricate messages, in a unique yet elegant manner in all the pieces I make


Facebook: @AckeemRSalmon
Instagram: @Ackeem_


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