My work explores the relationship between multiculturalism and midlife subcultures.

With influences as diverse as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Albert Camus, new variations are generated from exploring both new and familiar cultures.

Ever since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by humans’ fleeting permanence. Impressions of light and shadow allow moments and meaning to be captured in a photograph. Once at University, I jumped eagerly at the opportunity to learn the process of developing black and white film and making prints in a darkroom. Through the camera club on campus I entered annual exhibitions. Around this time, I entered the annual Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) competition where I received honourable mentions for my work.

Nowadays I work with a digital SLR camera and my first exhibition was well received. The exhibition was at the Bolivar Gallery in Kingston, Jamaica in November of 2011, and featured 14 of my prints from my travels in Jamaica, Cuba, and Brazil. This was a joint showing with another photographer.

The Jamaican society, in which I have spent most of my life, is vibrant and full of rich contrasts. I explore this with a strong use of color and by manipulating heavy or light tones in black and white photographs.

When I travel outside of Jamaica, the camera allows me to become immersed in new cultures and perspectives. This has made travel an essential part of my creative process where a feedback loop allows for new connections to be made and provides an evolving vantage point.

I would like to do more conceptual work as well as commentary on political and social struggles around me. I believe that by using more controlled environments I can better highlight these specific subjects.

Twitter: @varunbaker
Instagram: @varunbaker


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