Kori ‘KDOT’ Thompson

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Kori KDOT Thompson

“The optimist in me examines my past and confides in my present, so that I do not follow the path of fading footsteps into the future”. These are the words etched in the mind of the Jamaican 2D Animator & Illustrator, Kori Thompson (better known by his handle KDOT), that has him consistently challenging himself and his talents.

He began drawing around the early age of five and was first inspired by his father. Soon after his imagination was shaped by cartoons and games, and later on he drew inspiration from local artists including Sophia McCarthy and Patrick Waldemar. Today he is motivated and inspired by his art colleagues, as well as artists like James Jean, Warren Louw, Stan Lee and Francisco Perez just to name a few.

Over the years some of his early high school artworks have been exhibited at his alma-mater, Wolmer’s Boys’ School, as well as The Institute of Jamaica and he engaged many art contests. He went on from having one of his posters on a billboard courtesy of Coca-Cola’s ‘A Taste of Jamaica’ Poster competition in 2001, to later receiving his BFA in Visual Communication at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in 2009, after exhibiting some of his best works under the title ‘Leaflings’ in the College’s 2009 Final Year Show.

Kori’s dynamic and unique styles marry his concepts and technical expertise to create amazingly stunning pieces. He primarily focuses on digital art but will often times pick up his sketchpad or canvas, Rapidograph pen set, airbrush and Prismacolor markers to create more masterpieces – the traditional way.

A former Production Supervisor and Animator at Reel Rock GSW, Jamaica’s pioneer animation studio, Kori currently focuses on his various freelance projects. When he’s not busy animating he spends his time catching up on some illustrations, playing video games, streaming his favourite tv shows and spending time with family.


Website: kdot-1.wix.com
Facebook: KDOT876
Instagram: @kdot876
Instagram: @kdot_1


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