Authentic Lifestyle (1)Day-Dream (1)End and MorphMidas-Complex

A Jamaican born, designer, illustrator, and fine artist Troydel Wallace began his journey down the path of a creative from a tender age of four when he first learns how to draw. The fascination of putting his imagination on paper sparked an indistinguishable passion for the realm of art that grew and mature throughout his years. His drawings would bring to life imaginative characters, places, designs and scenarios which always ignite the viewer’s visual senses. A trained Designer and Illustrator at the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing arts. Troydel has been exposed to a number of creative projects, which include children’s illustration, design projects and animation. As a visual artist Troydel Wallace’s purpose is simply stated “I am an artist, a story teller, a recorder of events, it is my purpose to convey the human experience, our struggle, our success… and our issues through visual arts.


Behance: Troydel Wallace
Instagram: @Troy_dell


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