Naturally by creation T.Lewis  is a very random person who has developed an intense surrealistic view in mixed media visual arts and art itself, the idea of merging cultures, styles, life, ideas, etc into one. It captivates and drives him to go outside the cultural box deemed normal and acceptable, removing and exceeding the limitations of imagination. This sense manifests it’s-self within his work in a Morphic Sci-FI / Spiritual Naturistic style. Each art piece takes on role of an talisman which depicts a certain message and energy along with a story mixed with his personal perception and historical facts. Inspiration comes from life and the general idea of creating a whole from various parts of cultures imagination people he comes across, very random “what if personal perceptions” and history. Purpose of this art is to communicate to the world on topics people generally avoid or taken lightly, presenting to them that knowledge, beauty and art has one look.” A limited perception kills imagination and blooms a common flower”
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3 thoughts on “TEVIN LEWIS

  1. Love the art works. When he make his art does it take him somewhere far from this world? And in words what does each piece mean to him?


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