Talk-That-Talk-FullWall Mural 12 28 2014Wall-MuralRobert-Nesta-LargeFrankieAfro Chique20151106_081250_

Art has been my greatest passion and obsession ever since the hideous Batman and Superman and Ninja Turtles masterpieces I drew as early as I can remember. Creating is the biggest part of my life.
I do not have one particular style, there are way too many ways I’ve found to express my visions to have ever developed a “style”. I will try everything at least once, sometimes it works, sometimes not so much, but the experiences are the best part.
I’m mostly self taught, because the art of figuring things out as you go is the best way to learn in my opinion, and has always been my biggest talent, trying and failing until I accidentally stumble upon something brilliant! And I’m ALWAYS learning.

At the end of the day, I just love creating. I love being able to say I made that. I don’t pretend to have a deep seeded reason behind my work, it is in it’s simplest state, just plain FUN!


Instagram: @callmecdot  &   @artbychadhammond
Facebook: Dot Designz
Twitter: @callmecdot



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